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 PlayerClubMatchesSorted descending. Click again to sort ascending.Points
1 Murphy, JoshuaThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club11681.00
2 Britt, AdamMerewether Cricket Club13577.00
3 Mitchell, Christopher JRedhead Cricket Club13567.00
4 Verschoor, SamuelThe Journeymen Cricket Club11529.00
5 Ostle, Tyler GNelson Bay Cricket Club13521.00
6 Sandoz, DionThe Journeymen Cricket Club12449.00
7 King, HarryWindsor Castle Cricket Club10446.00
8 Bills, Mark WWindsor Castle Cricket Club8418.00
9 Palmer, MatthewNelson Bay Cricket Club9375.00
10 Angus, MalcolmThe Journeymen Cricket Club14374.00
11 Gill, Josh JThe Journeymen Cricket Club10367.00
12 Linich, JasonThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club11366.00
13 McNaughton, RileyThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club6365.00
14 Jensen, ByronWarners Bay Cricket Club8365.00
15 Simms, JeffNelson Bay Cricket Club11359.00
16 Mantle, RickRedhead Cricket Club9358.00
17 Haines, CameronMerewether Cricket Club13352.00
18 DRYDEN, DAVIDYarnteen Cricket Club9351.00
19 Kelly, RowanMerewether Cricket Club10340.00
20 Quinlan, LennyYarnteen Cricket Club10335.00
21 Onslow, Matthew JYarnteen Cricket Club10329.00
22 Cousins, DarrenMerewether Cricket Club10329.00
23 Brown, JoshNelson Bay Cricket Club11328.00
24 Burrows, Kyle DRedhead Cricket Club13323.00
25 Smith, Simon DWarners Bay Cricket Club8311.00
26 Nichols, BrentonThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club11304.00
27 McMullen, TomThe Journeymen Cricket Club9303.00
28 Wells, Cameron MThe Journeymen Cricket Club11298.00
29 Gauci, PaulThe Journeymen Cricket Club10285.00
30 Parsons, Joey TRedhead Cricket Club7270.00
31 Gainsford, MichaelMerewether Cricket Club11258.00
32 Sullivan, DavidThe Journeymen Cricket Club10247.00
33 Sharpe, MatthewNelson Bay Cricket Club12247.00
34 Bradley, Kayne MWarners Bay Cricket Club9246.00
35 Forsyth, JoshThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club11241.00
36 Knight, SimonThe Journeymen Cricket Club8240.00
37 Goodchild, Damien RRedhead Cricket Club12232.00
38 Rowland, Doug JNelson Bay Cricket Club12225.00
39 Byrnes, ScottWarners Bay Cricket Club10222.00
40 Hammond, JordanYarnteen Cricket Club7193.00
41 King, MatthewRedhead Cricket Club7192.00
42 Simms, JoshWindsor Castle Cricket Club7187.00
43 Nimmo, Justin CWarners Bay Cricket Club8182.00
44 Byrnes, Thomas PThe Journeymen Cricket Club8179.00
45 Bills, AidenWindsor Castle Cricket Club7174.00
46 Sullivan, ThomasThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club5156.00
47 Bender, RyanYarnteen Cricket Club8153.00
48 Diebert, ChrisThe Journeymen Cricket Club7148.00
49 Lawrence, Andrew JRedhead Cricket Club10146.00
50 Pratten, JaysonMerewether Cricket Club10146.00
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Total Records: 214   Page: 1 of 5   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5]>Next
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Points allocation
Runs 1.00 Catches 5.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 12.00 Assisted Wickets 12.00
Unassisted Runouts 0.00 Assisted Runouts 0.00
100s 0.00 50s 0.00
Stumpings 6.00 5 wkts in Innings 0.00
Not outs 0.00