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Club Championship


Central Leagues Cricket Club5.00
Toronto Diggers Mudcrabs Cricket Club3.50
Town Hall Smutters Cricket Club3.50
The Bay Bandits3.00
Colliery Inn Cricket Club3.00
Bennett Hotel Cricket Club3.00
Jewells Tavern Beavers Cricket Club3.00
Lake Macquarie Hotel Cricket Club3.00
Mavericks Cricket Club3.00
Dudley Cricket Club3.00
Cardiff Workshops Cricket Club3.00
Jimmys XI Cricket Club3.00
Newcastle City Cricket Club 3.00
Jewells Tavern XI3.00
Carrington Gravity Riders Cricket Club2.67
Lemon Grove Cricket Club2.67
Edgeworth Sport & Rec Old Boys Cricket Club2.56
Tech College Cricket Club2.56
Elliotts Lambton Cricket Club2.56
Kent Hotel Cricket Club2.50
Waratah-Mayfield District Cricket Club2.44
Dukes of Waterboard Cricket Club2.33
West Wallsend Workers Cricket Club2.33
Wangi Cricket Club2.33
Maryellen Mudrats Cricket Club2.33
Bar 121 Terrors Cricket Club2.33
The Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club2.33
Lass O'Gowrie Blues Cricket Club2.33
Lass O'Gowrie Cricket Club2.33
Blackbutt Hotel2.33
Beach Hotel Cricket Club2.33
Hamilton Station Kamels Cricket Club2.33
Belly Boys CC2.33
Hunter and Coast CC2.33
Gateshead Tavern CC2.33
Mark Hotel Pirates CC2.33
Valentine Eleebana Cricket Club2.25
Kotara Cricket Club2.17
Birmingham Gardens Cricket Club2.17
Ulinga Cricket Club2.17
Redhead Cricket Club2.17
Maryland Tavern Cricket Club2.17
Beresfield Memorial Cricket Club2.11
Nelson Bay Cricket Club2.08
The Gardens Cricket Club2.04
The Journeymen Cricket Club2.00
Wallsend Diggers Cricket Club2.00
Yarnteen Cricket Club2.00
Adamstown Rosebuds Cricket Club2.00
Adamstown Bowling Club Cricket Club2.00
Jewells Tavern Cheese Graters2.00
Dora Creek Workers Club Cricket Club2.00
Hamilton North Bowling Club Cricket Club2.00
Hamilton-Wickham Cricket Club2.00
Greenroof Fireballs CC2.00
Rogue Scholar Brewing Cricket Club2.00
Ironclads Cricket Club2.00
Cardiff RSL Cricket Club1.89
Warners Bay Cricket Club1.86
Windale Warriors Cricket Club Inc1.83
Charlestown District Cricket Club1.67
Hillsborough Cricket Club1.67
Edgeworth Tavern Cricket Club1.67
Homesville XI1.67
Toronto Hotel Magpies Cricket Club1.67
United Sport Slashers Cricket Club1.67
The Fots Cricket Club1.67
Wyee Cricket Club1.67
Windsor Castle Cricket Club1.67
Lake Macquarie Lords Cricket Club1.67
The Sydney Junction CC1.67
Tilligerry Cricket Club1.67
Lords of LPH Cricket Club1.67
Medowie Cricket Club Inc1.63
Toronto Workers Cricket Club1.50
Maryland Tavern Mighty Ducks1.33
Snake Gully Hotel Cricket Club1.33
General Roberts Hotel Cricket Club1.33
The Dukes1.33
Doyalson Wyee1.33
The Bay Hotel CC (Newcastle)1.33
Kahibah Sports Cricket Club1.17
Merewether Cricket Club1.11
NTO Googlies Cricket Club1.00
Belmont Cricket Club1.00
South Wallsend Cricket Club1.00
Gimbay Crickets Cricket Club1.00
Newcastle City AFC1.00
Duke Hotel Hawks1.00
Hexham Bowling Club1.00
Wanderers (Merewether)0.67
Westlakes Renegades Cricket Club0.33
Cardiff-Boolaroo District Cricket Club 0.00
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Points earnt in for each team in a club (as per the current ladders) are multiplied by the weighting factors below.
This figure is then divided by the number of matches played by each team. The points are then added across each team in a club, then divided by the total number of teams in the club to give the total for that club.

KO.FM Cup1.00
B1 Grade1.00
B2 Grade1.00
B3 Grade1.00
B4 Grade1.00
C1 Grade1.00
C2 Grade1.00
C3 Grade1.00
C4 Grade1.00
C5 Grade1.00
C6 Grade1.00
D1 Grade1.00
D2 Grade1.00
D3 Grade1.00
D4 Grade1.00
D5 Grade1.00
D6 Grade1.00
D7 Grade1.00