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1 Ciba, BenAdamstown Hunters Cricket Club00000100000000
2 James, Matthew JNelson Bay Cricket Club00010000000000
3 Causley, BryceNelson Bay Cricket Club00010000000000
4 Kerr, DanielMaryland Tavern Cricket Club00000000100000
5 Anderson, RaymondNelson Bay Cricket Club00010000000000
6 Allen, Stephen FNelson Bay Cricket Club00010000000000
7 Perry, Anderson NCardiff Workshops Cricket Club01000000000000
8 Absalom, David SWarners Bay Cricket Club00000100000000
9 Triffitt, Sam JNelson Bay Cricket Club00010000000000
10 Murray, PeterGeneral Roberts Hotel Cricket Club10000000000000
11 Van Kemenade, JordiMaryland Tavern Cricket Club00010000000000
12 James, Darren JWarners Bay Cricket Club00000100000000
13 Campbell, Ryan AWarners Bay Cricket Club00000100000000
14 Dempsey, MatthewCardiff Workshops Cricket Club01000000000000
15 Perry, Courtney JCardiff Workshops Cricket Club01000000000000
16 Heming, CharlieRedhead Cricket Club00000001000000
17 Haines, CameronMerewether Cricket Club10000000000000
18 Skelton, DanielLass O'Gowrie Blues Cricket Club00000010000000
19 Blackshaw, JoshuaMaryland Tavern Cricket Club00010000000000
20 Griffith, Nicholas ANelson Bay Cricket Club00010000000000
21 Walker, AdrianMaryland Tavern Cricket Club00000000000010
22 Skipworth, EwenMaryland Tavern Cricket Club00000000100000
23 Standen, TroyCardiff RSL Cricket Club00000100000000
24 Howe, Robert ACardiff RSL Cricket Club00000000100000
25 King, BenCardiff RSL Cricket Club00000010000000
26 Dixon, Andrew JCardiff Workshops Cricket Club01000000000000
27 Galleghan, David JBennett Hotel Cricket Club00100000000000
28 Eastcott, Andrew MNewcastle Bay Hotel CC00000000000000
29 Corrigan, JaredAdamstown Hunters Cricket Club00000100000000
30 Brougham, CodyWarners Bay Cricket Club00000100000000
31 Cameron, TimothyMerewether Cricket Club10000000000000
32 Pinto, CalvinMaryland Tavern Cricket Club00010000000000
33 Sharma, Krish SMerewether Cricket Club10000000000000
34 Troke, BenMerewether Cricket Club10000000000000
35 Picton, MarkGeneral Roberts Hotel Cricket Club10000000000000
36 Baldwin, ChrisDoyalson Wyee00000000000000
37 Swart, RuanLass O'Gowrie Blues Cricket Club00000010000000
38 Wright, Harrison BGeneral Roberts Hotel Cricket Club00000000000000
39 Ashman, IsaacMaryland Tavern Cricket Club00000000000010
40 Holt, Jason MMerewether Cricket Club10000000000000
41 Cousins, DarrenMerewether Cricket Club10000000000000
42 Hadden, JosephRedhead Cricket Club00000000000010
43 Clune, SamMaryland Tavern Cricket Club00010000000000
44 Caldwell, ChrisMedowie Cricket Club Inc00000010000000
45 Power, JosephGeneral Roberts Hotel Cricket Club00000000000000
46 Wild, HarveyGeneral Roberts Hotel Cricket Club00000000000000
47 Oxenham, LetoWarners Bay Cricket Club00000100000000
48 Ford, ZaellRedhead Cricket Club00000000000010
49 Hall, JoshuaMaryland Tavern Cricket Club00000000000010
50 Dryden, JeffAdamstown Hunters Cricket Club00000100000000
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Total Records: 277   Page: 1 of 6   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6]>Next


Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.