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A Grade
B1 Grade
B2 Grade
B3 Grade
B4 Grade
B5 Grade
C1 Grade
C2 Grade
C3 Grade
C4 Grade
C5 Grade
C6 Grade
D1 Grade
D2 Grade
D3 Grade
D4 Grade
D5 Grade
D6 Grade
D7 Grade
1 Bartlett, Hamish WNelson Bay Cricket Club1000000000000000000
2 Bendeich, Lachlan ANelson Bay Cricket Club0100000000000000000
3 Causley, BryceNelson Bay Cricket Club1000000000000000000
4 Colley, Trent PNelson Bay Cricket Club1000000000000000000
5 Banks, Wayne BNelson Bay Cricket Club1000000000000000000
6 Jones, AlunBlackbutt Hotel0000000000000000000
7 Anderson, RaymondNelson Bay Cricket Club1000000000000000000
8 Newell, TroyKotara Cricket Club0100000000000000000
9 Wright, Kevin JNelson Bay Cricket Club0100000000000000000
10 Moro, DanielNelson Bay Cricket Club0100000000000000000
11 Rotumah, BrendanBennett Hotel Cricket Club0000000000000000100
12 Daly, AndrewNelson Bay Cricket Club0100000000000000000
13 Hollier, Bradley JMedowie Cricket Club Inc0000000000000001000
14 Cappiello, JOSHUAMedowie Cricket Club Inc0000000000000001000
15 Reynolds, Taylor JMedowie Cricket Club Inc0000000000000001000
16 King, DanielDudley Cricket Club0000000000000000001
17 Corrigan, Scott FNTO Googlies Cricket Club0000000000000000000
18 Ostle, Tyler GNelson Bay Cricket Club0100000000000000000
19 Fitzgerald, MarcusHomesville XI0000000010000000000
20 Huddleston, BlakeHomesville XI0000000010000000000
21 Butler, DanielHomesville XI0000000010000000000
22 Holt, Joshua TLords of SJ's CC0000000000000100000
23 Triffitt, Sam JNelson Bay Cricket Club1000000000000000000
24 Hernandez, ChristianNelson Bay Cricket Club1000000000000000000
25 Mellon, Perry JBlackbutt Hotel0000000000000000000
26 Mitchell, Luke AWarners Bay Cricket Club0000100000000000000
27 Campbell, Ryan AWarners Bay Cricket Club0000000000000001000
28 Hollier, James PMedowie Cricket Club Inc0000000000000001000
29 Stewart, Joshua MMedowie Cricket Club Inc0000000000000001000
30 Doughty, Jay AMedowie Cricket Club Inc0000000000000001000
31 Davies, Christopher AWarners Bay Cricket Club0000100000000000000
32 Simmons, JacobHomesville XI0000000010000000000
33 Rothapfel, Ben JUlinga Cricket Club0000010000000000000
34 Rothapfel, Luke DUlinga Cricket Club0000010000000000000
35 Armson, BlakeMerewether Cricket Club0000000000000000010
36 Dryburgh, GregorMerewether Cricket Club0000000000000000010
37 Ellison, KyeCharlestown District Cricket Club0000000010000000000
38 Cook, AdamMedowie Cricket Club Inc0000000000000100000
39 Warner, JacsonWarners Bay Cricket Club0000000000000001000
40 Bradley, LukeWarners Bay Cricket Club0000100000000000000
41 Callen, TaylorDudley Cricket Club0000000000000000001
42 Rossback, HaydnWarners Bay Cricket Club0000000000000001000
43 Lowes, CallanWallsend Diggers Cricket Club0000000000001000000
44 Keevers, Blane BWallsend Diggers Cricket Club0000000000001000000
45 Haines, CameronMerewether Cricket Club1000000000000000000
46 Linich, JasonLemon Grove Cricket Club0001000000000000000
47 Penfold, ChadMerewether Cricket Club1000000000000000000
48 Penfold, Luke LMerewether Cricket Club1000000000000000000
49 Coles, JonathonWarners Bay Cricket Club0000000000000001000
50 Standing, Timothy FCharlestown District Cricket Club0000000010000000000
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Total Records: 327   Page: 1 of 7   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7]>Next
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