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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubA GradeC2 GradeC3 GradeB2 GradeC1 GradeC4 GradeA GradeC2 GradeC3 GradeB2 GradeC1 GradeC4 Grade
Abbas, AsadThe Gardens Cricket Club400000400000
Abell, ShaneYarnteen Cricket Club300000300000
Agland, KyleBennett Hotel Cricket Club040000040000
Agnew, JackElliotts Lambton Cricket Club000300000300
Ahmad, Ifthcah JHamilton-Wickham Cricket Club100000100000
Ahmad, MirzaThe Gardens Cricket Club500000500000
Alderson, Robert HCardiff Workshops Cricket Club000020000020
Ali, MaqsoodWallsend RSL Junior Cricket Club000002000002
Allanson, MatthewNTO Googlies Cricket Club010000010000
Altaf, Muneeb AhmadThe Gardens Cricket Club000020000020
Ameen, WaqasThe Gardens Cricket Club300020300020
Anderson, Marvin JNewcastle Bay Hotel CC000030000030
Andrews, Allen JGlendale Old Boys Cricket Club100000100000
Ansar, ChathaThe Gardens Cricket Club000020000020
Anthes, ZacharyMedowie Cricket Club Inc100000100000
Apthorpe, RobertWindale Warriors Cricket Club Inc000400000400
Arnold, DaleMedowie Cricket Club Inc100000100000
Arsalan, MohammadWallsend RSL Junior Cricket Club000004000004
Arshad, SharjeelWallsend RSL Junior Cricket Club000004000004
Ashcroft, DarrylNewcastle Bay Hotel CC000030000030
Ashford, RhysGeneral Roberts Hotel Cricket Club000001000001
Aslam, MuhammadWallsend RSL Junior Cricket Club000003000003
aspinall, cameronWallsend Diggers Cricket Club000300000300
Austin, NickWangi Cricket Club000010000010
Awan, MalikBennett Hotel Cricket Club040000040000
Ayliffe, MathewGeneral Roberts Hotel Cricket Club000002000002
Azam, SikandarThe Gardens Cricket Club000020000020
Bailey, MitchellDora Creek Workers Club Cricket Club000010000010
Baldwin, TomMavericks Cricket Club Incorporated030000030000
ball, mark jHamilton North Bowling Club Cricket Club000020000020
Ball, PeterHamilton North Bowling Club Cricket Club000030000030
Banks, MichaelTech College Cricket Club004000004000
Bannon, MichaelIronclads Cricket Club000020000020
Barden, Joshua RHamilton Station CC002000002000
Barnard, ChristiaanGeneral Roberts Hotel Cricket Club000001000001
Barrie, JacksonLakeside Village Cricket Club000010000010
Bartley, AidenMedowie Cricket Club Inc040000040000
Barwick, Bradley RDora Creek Workers Club Cricket Club000020000020
Barwick, JohnDora Creek Workers Club Cricket Club000020000020
Bass, JoshToronto Hotel Magpies Cricket Club030000030000
Bass, Matthew RToronto Hotel Magpies Cricket Club030000030000
Bass, Sean GToronto Hotel Magpies Cricket Club030000030000
Baxter, JeremyHamilton-Wickham Cricket Club200000200000
Beagan, HarreyWest Wallsend Workers Cricket Club300000300000
Beagan, Mark AWest Wallsend Workers Cricket Club200000200000
Beatty, CraigIronclads Cricket Club000010000010
Beck, ClaytonWallsend RSL Junior Cricket Club000003000003
Bellamy, Craig RHamilton-Wickham Cricket Club200000200000
Bender, RyanYarnteen Cricket Club200000200000
Benson, Craig MUlinga Cricket Club000200000200