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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
191147321815531999407106691Mebin LibyIdukki/Flamin' H2021/2022Sunday Social T202 1Master Batters
26868275915531999406848868*Grant HUTCHINGSAdamstown Hunters2021/2022Sunday Social T201 1Stoinee's Boys
362165558615531999407348262*Wade BeavisHeddon Greta Heroes2021/2022Sunday Social T205 1Belmont Juniors
462107072715531999406848562Daniel GleesonGrey Grubs2021/2022Sunday Social T201 1The Battlers
55958765915531999406848659Ethan WilkinsonFine Legs2021/2022Sunday Social T201 1Yowies
65958753915531999406851359Jason LamploughIdukki/Flamin' H2021/2022Sunday Social T205 1Yowies
7581719315531999406849258Kieran CowanStoinee's Boys2021/2022Sunday Social T202 1Yowies
85891077115531999406850358*Todd MurphyStoinee's Boys2021/2022Sunday Social T204 1Blacksmith Bashers
953231264015531999406849453Sam GibbonsThe Battlers2021/2022Sunday Social T202 1Green Iguanas
105288729115531999407106652*Jehd SnapeMaster Batters2021/2022Sunday Social T202 1Idukki/Flamin' H
1151206898515531999406849551Robert SimpsonAdamstown Hunters2021/2022Sunday Social T202 1Fine Legs
125097366615531999406851050*Brett DavisMaster Batters2021/2022Sunday Social T205 1Grey Grubs
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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