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Match Format 

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1 Causley, BryceNelson Bay Cricket Club18120000
2 Banks, Wayne BNelson Bay Cricket Club15120000
3 Bartlett, Hamish WNelson Bay Cricket Club18100011
4 Penfold, Luke LMerewether Cricket Club1290000
5 Givney, ShaneThe Journeymen Cricket Club1390000
6 Sandoz, DionThe Journeymen Cricket Club1080000
7 Mottram, Darren MNelson Bay Cricket Club1580000
8 Plain, CraigMerewether Cricket Club1570000
9 Sullivan, ThomasThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club1060000
10 Walker, Nathan JRedhead Cricket Club1360000
11 Cousins, DarrenMerewether Cricket Club1160000
12 Mantle, RickRedhead Cricket Club1162010
13 Mitchell, LukeThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club960000
14 Britt, AdamMerewether Cricket Club1360000
15 Sheather, ZacharyNelson Bay Cricket Club1560010
16 Simms, JeffNelson Bay Cricket Club1460000
17 Barry, MitchellThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club1150000
18 Plummer, SimonNelson Bay Cricket Club1250000
19 Mason, DaneTech College Cricket Club1152000
20 Goodchild, Damien RRedhead Cricket Club1350010
21 Hole, JohnTech College Cricket Club1250000
22 McLachlan, MarkMerewether Cricket Club1150000
23 Angus, MalcolmThe Journeymen Cricket Club1250000
24 Donkin, LukeTech College Cricket Club1250000
25 McCreanor, DanielThe Journeymen Cricket Club1050000
26 Colley, Trent PNelson Bay Cricket Club1140000
27 Anderson, RaymondNelson Bay Cricket Club1140000
28 Newell, JoshuaThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club740000
29 Price, David DThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club940000
30 Sullivan, DavidThe Journeymen Cricket Club1140001
31 JOHNS, JEREMYThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club1140000
32 King, MatthewTech College Cricket Club1240001
33 Nichols, BrentonThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club1440000
34 Grimshaw, Steven TWarners Bay Cricket Club1140000
35 Eckersley, MylesNelson Bay Cricket Club1240010
36 Benbow, Harrison AThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club1340000
37 Ellis, MatthewTech College Cricket Club1040000
38 Patterson, BrendanThe Journeymen Cricket Club640000
39 McNaughton, RileyThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club930000
40 Cooper, Matthew PTech College Cricket Club830000
41 Hernandez, ChristianNelson Bay Cricket Club1430001
42 Herman, MatthewThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club630000
43 Guest, LiamThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club1330000
44 Haines, CameronMerewether Cricket Club1231011
45 Penfold, ChadMerewether Cricket Club930000
46 Brooks, LukeThe Journeymen Cricket Club1030000
47 Davies, BradMerewether Cricket Club1030000
48 Diebert, ChrisThe Journeymen Cricket Club730000
49 Burrows, Kyle DRedhead Cricket Club1330000
50 Pratten, JaysonMerewether Cricket Club1530000
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Total Records: 197   Page: 1 of 4   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4]>Next
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.