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Batting Partnerships

Grade Type 
Match Format 
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1230 Daniel Talbot - Ben Ciba Adamstown Hunters Cricket ClubD3 Grade2 1 Warners Bay
2210 Louis Hadden - Joseph Hadden Redhead Cricket ClubD4 Grade11 1 Newcastle City AFC
3183 Jayden Page - Nathan Beaman Newcastle Bay Hotel CCC1 Grade4 1 The Dukes
4984 Damian Daly - James Mathers Hillsborough Cricket ClubC2 Grade3 1 Kotara
5156 Kamran Syed - Arif Hussain The Gardens Cricket ClubC3 Grade3 1 Hamilton Station CC
6168 Harry Jenkins - Zachary Manton Lords of LPH Cricket ClubC2 Grade4 1 Tech College
7193 Chris Pook - Kade Jarvis Wyee Cricket ClubC3 Grade20 1 The Gardens
8134 Ty Neilson - John Schuette Windale Warriors Cricket Club IncC1 Grade17 1 The Dukes
9199 Zachary Manton - Scott Chilvers Lords of LPH Cricket ClubC2 Grade6 1 Cardiff Workshops
10182 Robert Coulthart - Robert Coulthart Newcastle Bay Hotel CCC4 Grade16 1 Toronto Hotel Magpies

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