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Batting Partnerships

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1246 Patrick Sharkey - Michael Scholes Ulinga Cricket ClubD4 Grade20 1 Toronto Workers
2306 Daniel Gustard - Jeremy Baxter Valentine Eleebana Cricket ClubC4 Grade21 1 Doyalson Wyee
3192 Roland Walker - David Taylor Kahibah Sports Cricket ClubD5 Grade12 1 Dora Creek Workers Club
4270 Jason Lambert - Richard Young Beresfield Memorial Cricket ClubB2 Grade16 1 Hexam Bowling Club
5252 Daniel Oldham - Jared Toohey The Sydney Junction CCC3 Grade19 1 Waratah Mayfield
6190 Peter Juchniewicz - Dean Williams Colliery Inn Cricket ClubD6 Grade18 1 Dora Creek Workers Club
7203 Douglas Woods - Brad Lawrence Hamilton Station Kamels Cricket ClubD3 Grade11 1 Hamilton-Wickham
8276 Michael Hancock - Naresh Kumar Newcastle City Cricket ClubD1 Grade2 1 The Gardens
91608 Matthew Braye - Gavin Powell Redhead Cricket ClubKO.FM Cup13 1 Windsor Castle Stallions
10162 James Lowe - Jason West Beresfield Memorial Cricket ClubB2 Grade12 1 General Roberts Hotel

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