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 PlayerClubMatchesSorted descending. Click again to sort ascending.Points
1 Murphy, JoshuaThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club11681.00
2 Britt, AdamMerewether Cricket Club13577.00
3 Mitchell, Christopher JRedhead Cricket Club13567.00
4 Verschoor, SamuelThe Journeymen Cricket Club11529.00
5 Ostle, Tyler GNelson Bay Cricket Club13521.00
6 Sandoz, DionThe Journeymen Cricket Club12449.00
7 King, HarryWindsor Castle Cricket Club10446.00
8 Bills, Mark WWindsor Castle Cricket Club8418.00
9 Palmer, MatthewNelson Bay Cricket Club9375.00
10 Angus, MalcolmThe Journeymen Cricket Club14374.00
11 Gill, Josh JThe Journeymen Cricket Club10367.00
12 Linich, JasonThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club11366.00
13 McNaughton, RileyThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club6365.00
14 Jensen, ByronWarners Bay Cricket Club8365.00
15 Simms, JeffNelson Bay Cricket Club11359.00
16 Mantle, RickRedhead Cricket Club9358.00
17 Haines, CameronMerewether Cricket Club13352.00
18 DRYDEN, DAVIDYarnteen Cricket Club9351.00
19 Kelly, RowanMerewether Cricket Club10340.00
20 Quinlan, LennyYarnteen Cricket Club10335.00
21 Onslow, Matthew JYarnteen Cricket Club10329.00
22 Cousins, DarrenMerewether Cricket Club10329.00
23 Brown, JoshNelson Bay Cricket Club11328.00
24 Burrows, Kyle DRedhead Cricket Club13323.00
25 Smith, Simon DWarners Bay Cricket Club8311.00
26 Nichols, BrentonThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club11304.00
27 McMullen, TomThe Journeymen Cricket Club9303.00
28 Wells, Cameron MThe Journeymen Cricket Club11298.00
29 Gauci, PaulThe Journeymen Cricket Club10285.00
30 Parsons, Joey TRedhead Cricket Club7270.00
31 Gainsford, MichaelMerewether Cricket Club11258.00
32 Sullivan, DavidThe Journeymen Cricket Club10247.00
33 Sharpe, MatthewNelson Bay Cricket Club12247.00
34 Bradley, Kayne MWarners Bay Cricket Club9246.00
35 Forsyth, JoshThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club11241.00
36 Knight, SimonThe Journeymen Cricket Club8240.00
37 Goodchild, Damien RRedhead Cricket Club12232.00
38 Rowland, Doug JNelson Bay Cricket Club12225.00
39 Byrnes, ScottWarners Bay Cricket Club10222.00
40 Hammond, JordanYarnteen Cricket Club7193.00
41 King, MatthewRedhead Cricket Club7192.00
42 Simms, JoshWindsor Castle Cricket Club7187.00
43 Nimmo, Justin CWarners Bay Cricket Club8182.00
44 Byrnes, Thomas PThe Journeymen Cricket Club8179.00
45 Bills, AidenWindsor Castle Cricket Club7174.00
46 Sullivan, ThomasThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club5156.00
47 Bender, RyanYarnteen Cricket Club8153.00
48 Diebert, ChrisThe Journeymen Cricket Club7148.00
49 Lawrence, Andrew JRedhead Cricket Club10146.00
50 Pratten, JaysonMerewether Cricket Club10146.00
51 Reid, LukeWarners Bay Cricket Club7145.00
52 Waters, Quinn AMerewether Cricket Club8142.00
53 Spruce, Andrew LRedhead Cricket Club10136.00
54 Grimshaw, Steven TWarners Bay Cricket Club8136.00
55 Bailey, JarrodWindsor Castle Cricket Club6133.00
56 Penfold, Luke LMerewether Cricket Club6133.00
57 Newton, LeeThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club8128.00
58 Clarke, JosephNelson Bay Cricket Club3127.00
59 Cook, DamianThe Journeymen Cricket Club10126.00
60 Martin, WayneMerewether Cricket Club6123.00
61 Killen, DanielWindsor Castle Cricket Club6117.00
62 Telfer, ClintRedhead Cricket Club5115.00
63 Herman, MatthewThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club6113.00
64 Cameron, TimothyMerewether Cricket Club11112.00
65 Riorden, Grant AWarners Bay Cricket Club5111.00
66 Williams, LeighWindsor Castle Cricket Club6111.00
67 Bailey, Shayne PWindsor Castle Cricket Club8107.00
68 Bradford, ChristopherThe Journeymen Cricket Club2101.00
69 Haigh, Jonathan DWarners Bay Cricket Club6100.00
70 Patterson, BrendanThe Journeymen Cricket Club12100.00
71 Brealey, Preston WNelson Bay Cricket Club2100.00
72 Onslow, NickYarnteen Cricket Club599.00
73 Parsell, MattMerewether Cricket Club698.00
74 mcpherson, jack rThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club595.00
75 Smith, BradMerewether Cricket Club693.00
76 Webber, MatthewThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club193.00
77 Ramster, Luke EMerewether Cricket Club991.00
78 Morrison, DeanNelson Bay Cricket Club591.00
79 Lester, Peter JNelson Bay Cricket Club1191.00
80 Baker, Carl WNelson Bay Cricket Club486.00
81 McDonnell, DavidNelson Bay Cricket Club685.00
82 Pocock, BradThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club684.00
83 Dixon, IanNelson Bay Cricket Club980.00
84 EDWARDS, MATHEWYarnteen Cricket Club980.00
85 Gardiner, ToddThe Journeymen Cricket Club480.00
86 Bowd, KarlThe Journeymen Cricket Club279.00
87 Capitao, RoyThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club1178.00
88 Penfold, ChadMerewether Cricket Club276.00
89 Wright, Kevin JNelson Bay Cricket Club374.00
90 Hawkins, JakeYarnteen Cricket Club172.00
91 Mitchell, LukeThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club671.00
92 Lindeberg, Michael EWarners Bay Cricket Club665.00
93 Sturmer, KristoforWindsor Castle Cricket Club665.00
94 Barry, MitchellThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club362.00
95 Barnes, DylanThe Journeymen Cricket Club560.00
96 FAULKNER, DARRENYarnteen Cricket Club659.00
97 Oakley, DavidRedhead Cricket Club559.00
98 Ryan, ChadWindsor Castle Cricket Club458.00
99 Mullins, PaulWindsor Castle Cricket Club356.00
100 Holt, JacksonThe Journeymen Cricket Club251.00
101 SMITH, TIMOTHY PYarnteen Cricket Club751.00
102 Smith, AndrewThe Journeymen Cricket Club451.00
103 Borg, BrendanWarners Bay Cricket Club751.00
104 McInnes, JoshuaWindsor Castle Cricket Club349.00
105 Jacobs, Scott BRedhead Cricket Club249.00
106 Goodwin, Brett ANelson Bay Cricket Club1048.00
107 Hart, Brenton MWarners Bay Cricket Club647.00
108 Bills, JackWindsor Castle Cricket Club446.00
109 Anderson, MichaelRedhead Cricket Club445.00
110 Brien, SpencerThe Journeymen Cricket Club344.00
111 rose, Warwick jWindsor Castle Cricket Club643.00
112 christensen, marcusThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club443.00
113 McLetchie, MatthewWindsor Castle Cricket Club343.00
114 Moro, DanielNelson Bay Cricket Club542.00
115 Jones, Jason MRedhead Cricket Club942.00
116 Nevin, DaneWindsor Castle Cricket Club541.00
117 Causley, BryceNelson Bay Cricket Club141.00
118 Davis, RohanMerewether Cricket Club141.00
119 Steadman, RaymondYarnteen Cricket Club141.00
120 Jones, MitchellThe Journeymen Cricket Club240.00
121 Coulson, RileyWarners Bay Cricket Club639.00
122 Webeck, AndrewWindsor Castle Cricket Club537.00
123 Andrews, Daniel JMerewether Cricket Club136.00
124 Brown, Andrew GRedhead Cricket Club335.00
125 Cooper, Rhys MThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club234.00
126 Leathley, ZaneMerewether Cricket Club334.00
127 gordon, paul jYarnteen Cricket Club832.00
128 Carson, Matthew LRedhead Cricket Club531.00
129 Bates, Nicolas DThe Journeymen Cricket Club230.00
130 Telfer, ScottRedhead Cricket Club129.00
131 Spruce, IanRedhead Cricket Club629.00
132 Clack, AaronWindsor Castle Cricket Club428.00
133 Varoxis, JasonMerewether Cricket Club528.00
134 Braye, Matthew IRedhead Cricket Club627.00
135 Warby, LukeWindsor Castle Cricket Club226.00
136 Edwards, BruceRedhead Cricket Club226.00
137 Holding, SamuelMerewether Cricket Club124.00
138 Daly, AndrewNelson Bay Cricket Club124.00
139 Elias, JacobNelson Bay Cricket Club224.00
140 Anderson, KainThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club123.00
141 Rinkin, Thomas JWindsor Castle Cricket Club623.00
142 Onslow, Gary BYarnteen Cricket Club421.00
143 MACAULEY, BRETTThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club121.00
144 McCrohon, Ben JNelson Bay Cricket Club720.00
145 Jobber, PaulWarners Bay Cricket Club120.00
146 Cameron, Graeme AWarners Bay Cricket Club520.00
147 Smith, MarkThe Journeymen Cricket Club219.00
148 Price, David DThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club518.00
149 Cullen, Bailey JWarners Bay Cricket Club117.00
150 Bills, Brent JWindsor Castle Cricket Club415.00
151 Antill, HamishThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club115.00
152 Laut, NathanNelson Bay Cricket Club113.00
153 Keelan, JasonMerewether Cricket Club213.00
154 Nimmo, JyeWarners Bay Cricket Club213.00
155 Alluri, RaviWarners Bay Cricket Club113.00
156 Cooper, Aaron MThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club112.00
157 Wolthof, DavidRedhead Cricket Club111.00
158 Ware, ScottThe Journeymen Cricket Club110.00
159 kidd, stevenThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club110.00
160 Frame, StewartThe Journeymen Cricket Club110.00
161 FAULKNER, DALLAS SYarnteen Cricket Club48.00
162 Parish, DavidWindsor Castle Cricket Club18.00
163 smith, benYarnteen Cricket Club58.00
164 Douglas, GregRedhead Cricket Club18.00
165 Newton, GerardThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club17.00
166 Nichols, Ryan WThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club67.00
167 Marlborough, JarrodMerewether Cricket Club17.00
168 Allan, Peter RMerewether Cricket Club17.00
169 McAllister, AdamMerewether Cricket Club16.00
170 Hancock, Jamey JWarners Bay Cricket Club15.00
171 Adams, DanielThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club15.00
172 Brazier, Jamie LMerewether Cricket Club15.00
173 Morgan, Mitchell WMerewether Cricket Club15.00
174 Mitchell, SeanThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club15.00
175 Bhardwaj, GauravWarners Bay Cricket Club15.00
176 Ireland, GaryThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club15.00
177 McCreanor, DanielThe Journeymen Cricket Club15.00
178 Torrens, Jayden DYarnteen Cricket Club24.00
179 Mitchell, Luke AWarners Bay Cricket Club14.00
180 Adams, Stuart WRedhead Cricket Club14.00
181 Shadlow, DarrinRedhead Cricket Club13.00
182 Knight, LukeThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club12.00
183 Clarke, Michael JRedhead Cricket Club12.00
184 FAULKNER, RICHARD KYarnteen Cricket Club12.00
185 Liddell, Alec JMerewether Cricket Club12.00
186 Burdekin, ChrisWindsor Castle Cricket Club22.00
187 TAPALEAO, DENNISYarnteen Cricket Club11.00
188 Jupp, Daniel KRedhead Cricket Club21.00
189 Smith, JohnYarnteen Cricket Club31.00
190 Quinlan, BenYarnteen Cricket Club21.00
191 Crean, BenjaminThe Journeymen Cricket Club10.00
192 lewis, shane aThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club10.00
193 Prasher, AshishNelson Bay Cricket Club20.00
194 Panta, SahadipThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club10.00
195 Leota-sheck, PauloThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club10.00
196 Moore, Timothy JRedhead Cricket Club10.00
197 Butler, RossNelson Bay Cricket Club10.00
198 Bruniges, RyanMerewether Cricket Club20.00
199 Young, Kym RWarners Bay Cricket Club10.00
200 Maley, TodYarnteen Cricket Club10.00
201 Price, LachlanMerewether Cricket Club10.00
202 Fraser, EthanWarners Bay Cricket Club10.00
203 Grimster, Murray CMerewether Cricket Club10.00
204 FAULKNER, CODYYarnteen Cricket Club10.00
205 FAULKNER, DALLAS KYarnteen Cricket Club10.00
206 Sharrock, WadeThe Journeymen Cricket Club10.00
207 Reid, Joshua PRedhead Cricket Club20.00
208 Goodwin, Troy WMerewether Cricket Club00.00
209 Carter, BrettWindsor Castle Cricket Club10.00
210 Brown, Anthony TWarners Bay Cricket Club10.00
211 Jovanovic, NicolasThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club10.00
212 Freeman, GarthNelson Bay Cricket Club10.00
213 Mitchell, RhysRedhead Cricket Club10.00
214 Gibson, DeanNelson Bay Cricket Club10.00
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Points allocation
Runs 1.00 Catches 5.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 12.00 Assisted Wickets 12.00
Unassisted Runouts 0.00 Assisted Runouts 0.00
100s 0.00 50s 0.00
Stumpings 6.00 5 wkts in Innings 0.00
Not outs 0.00