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Grade Type 
Match Format 

1 Causley, BryceNelson Bay Cricket Club18120000
2 Banks, Wayne BNelson Bay Cricket Club15120000
3 Bartlett, Hamish WNelson Bay Cricket Club18100011
4 Penfold, Luke LMerewether Cricket Club1290000
5 Givney, ShaneThe Journeymen Cricket Club1390000
6 Sandoz, DionThe Journeymen Cricket Club1080000
7 Mottram, Darren MNelson Bay Cricket Club1580000
8 Plain, CraigMerewether Cricket Club1570000
9 Sullivan, ThomasThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club1060000
10 Walker, Nathan JRedhead Cricket Club1360000
11 Cousins, DarrenMerewether Cricket Club1160000
12 Mantle, RickRedhead Cricket Club1162010
13 Mitchell, LukeThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club960000
14 Britt, AdamMerewether Cricket Club1360000
15 Sheather, ZacharyNelson Bay Cricket Club1560010
16 Simms, JeffNelson Bay Cricket Club1460000
17 Barry, MitchellThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club1150000
18 Plummer, SimonNelson Bay Cricket Club1250000
19 Mason, DaneTech College Cricket Club1152000
20 Goodchild, Damien RRedhead Cricket Club1350010
21 Hole, JohnTech College Cricket Club1250000
22 McLachlan, MarkMerewether Cricket Club1150000
23 Angus, MalcolmThe Journeymen Cricket Club1250000
24 Donkin, LukeTech College Cricket Club1250000
25 McCreanor, DanielThe Journeymen Cricket Club1050000
26 Colley, Trent PNelson Bay Cricket Club1140000
27 Anderson, RaymondNelson Bay Cricket Club1140000
28 Newell, JoshuaThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club740000
29 Price, David DThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club940000
30 Sullivan, DavidThe Journeymen Cricket Club1140001
31 JOHNS, JEREMYThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club1140000
32 King, MatthewTech College Cricket Club1240001
33 Nichols, BrentonThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club1440000
34 Grimshaw, Steven TWarners Bay Cricket Club1140000
35 Eckersley, MylesNelson Bay Cricket Club1240010
36 Benbow, Harrison AThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club1340000
37 Ellis, MatthewTech College Cricket Club1040000
38 Patterson, BrendanThe Journeymen Cricket Club640000
39 McNaughton, RileyThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club930000
40 Cooper, Matthew PTech College Cricket Club830000
41 Hernandez, ChristianNelson Bay Cricket Club1430001
42 Herman, MatthewThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club630000
43 Guest, LiamThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club1330000
44 Haines, CameronMerewether Cricket Club1231011
45 Penfold, ChadMerewether Cricket Club930000
46 Brooks, LukeThe Journeymen Cricket Club1030000
47 Davies, BradMerewether Cricket Club1030000
48 Diebert, ChrisThe Journeymen Cricket Club730000
49 Burrows, Kyle DRedhead Cricket Club1330000
50 Pratten, JaysonMerewether Cricket Club1530000
51 Hart, Brenton MWarners Bay Cricket Club1231000
52 Woolley, Benjamin JMerewether Cricket Club1430000
53 Cook, DamianThe Journeymen Cricket Club730000
54 Jenkins, Andrew DThe Journeymen Cricket Club1330000
55 Wolthof, DavidRedhead Cricket Club730010
56 Kelly, ChrisRedhead Cricket Club830000
57 Parsons, Joey TRedhead Cricket Club920000
58 Lindeberg, Michael EWarners Bay Cricket Club1020000
59 Troke, BenTech College Cricket Club1120000
60 Forsyth, TimThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club920000
61 Gilbert, JulienTech College Cricket Club1020000
62 Postol, AnthonyTech College Cricket Club420000
63 Delaney, MitchellTech College Cricket Club420001
64 Gardiner, ToddThe Journeymen Cricket Club422000
65 Mitchell, Christopher JRedhead Cricket Club1120011
66 MACAULEY, BRETTThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club120000
67 Spoljaric, ZelkoThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club320000
68 Smith, Simon DWarners Bay Cricket Club1320000
69 Lawrence, Andrew JRedhead Cricket Club1128000
70 Kelly, RowanTech College Cricket Club1124000
71 Kelly, WadeTech College Cricket Club823000
72 Brien, SpencerThe Journeymen Cricket Club320000
73 Williamson, MattThe Journeymen Cricket Club820000
74 Mitchell, DanielTech College Cricket Club620000
75 Plowman, JamesWarners Bay Cricket Club220000
76 Fuller, Bradley JMaryland Tavern Cricket Club920000
77 Knight, MatthewNelson Bay Cricket Club1022001
78 Palmer, TroyMerewether Cricket Club120000
79 Hickey, GeofreyNelson Bay Cricket Club510000
80 Brown, Anthony TWarners Bay Cricket Club1010000
81 Reid, LukeWarners Bay Cricket Club1110000
82 Percival, MathewMaryland Tavern Cricket Club410000
83 Goodchild, Kane JRedhead Cricket Club510000
84 Mansley, ChadThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club310000
85 Braye, Matthew IRedhead Cricket Club711000
86 Scifleet, David WMaryland Tavern Cricket Club810000
87 Spruce, Andrew LRedhead Cricket Club1413220
88 Aubin, Adam RRedhead Cricket Club210000
89 Holt, Jason MMerewether Cricket Club1113400
90 Verschoor, SamuelThe Journeymen Cricket Club710000
91 Skennar, BarryTech College Cricket Club810000
92 Hanna, RaymondMaryland Tavern Cricket Club910000
93 Hole, JoshuaTech College Cricket Club210000
94 Murphy, JoshuaThe Journeymen Cricket Club410001
95 Porter, ScottThe Journeymen Cricket Club110000
96 Jones, MitchellThe Journeymen Cricket Club110010
97 Donnelly, Mark TNelson Bay Cricket Club711000
98 Grimster, Murray CMerewether Cricket Club1310000
99 Brown, Mark TWarners Bay Cricket Club710000
100 Riorden, Grant AWarners Bay Cricket Club1010000
101 Haigh, Jonathan DWarners Bay Cricket Club710000
102 Shultz, BradWarners Bay Cricket Club110000
103 Powell, GavinRedhead Cricket Club710000
104 Barton, Dylon JMaryland Tavern Cricket Club1410000
105 Nimmo, Justin CWarners Bay Cricket Club810000
106 Barden, JoshuaMaryland Tavern Cricket Club210100
107 Gutsche, RichardNelson Bay Cricket Club510000
108 McGrath, Lachlan ATech College Cricket Club610000
109 Buchanan, Michael JThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club100000
110 Young, BrendonMaryland Tavern Cricket Club000000
111 Triffitt, Sam JNelson Bay Cricket Club16015111
112 Hines, GrantWarners Bay Cricket Club1205200
113 Mitchell, Luke AWarners Bay Cricket Club100000
114 Jovanovic, NicolasThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club600001
115 Coulson, RileyWarners Bay Cricket Club900000
116 Birrell, AidanMaryland Tavern Cricket Club500000
117 Bradley, LukeWarners Bay Cricket Club200100
118 Anderson, Kenrick FThe Journeymen Cricket Club1308100
119 Balston, Alex MMaryland Tavern Cricket Club900000
120 Cameron, Graeme AWarners Bay Cricket Club600000
121 Beckett, Daniel PMerewether Cricket Club100000
122 Liddell, Alec JMerewether Cricket Club000000
123 McGuigan, ZacharyMerewether Cricket Club100000
124 Rayner, TimothyMaryland Tavern Cricket Club000000
125 Broughton, Adam LMaryland Tavern Cricket Club100000
126 Lawrence, William AMaryland Tavern Cricket Club1100000
127 Kelso, Damian JThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club200000
128 Keelan, JasonMerewether Cricket Club100000
129 Buchmasser, AdamMerewether Cricket Club906100
130 Davis, RohanMerewether Cricket Club100000
131 Ireland, Adam JThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club100000
132 Wall, SimonMerewether Cricket Club100000
133 Allan, ConnorRedhead Cricket Club400000
134 Grimshaw, ZacharyWarners Bay Cricket Club100000
135 McLachlan, EthanMerewether Cricket Club500000
136 McMullen, TomThe Journeymen Cricket Club300000
137 Mills-Punshon, BradTech College Cricket Club600000
138 Bradford, ChristopherThe Journeymen Cricket Club200000
139 Mills, DavidThe Journeymen Cricket Club100000
140 Stromberg, StuartRedhead Cricket Club100000
141 Taylor, Martin CRedhead Cricket Club700000
142 Haddow, Neil DRedhead Cricket Club200000
143 Madden, Peter JRedhead Cricket Club500000
144 Capitao, RoyThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club13019710
145 Berry, SamuelThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club000000
146 Baillie, DavidThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club400000
147 Flanagan, Sean JWarners Bay Cricket Club300000
148 Beasley, John WMerewether Cricket Club100000
149 Baillie, ScottMaryland Tavern Cricket Club100000
150 Carlisle, ChristopherMaryland Tavern Cricket Club100000
151 Bollard, Trevor LMaryland Tavern Cricket Club100000
152 Ellsmore, Matt PMaryland Tavern Cricket Club100000
153 Pinkowski, Warren JMaryland Tavern Cricket Club100000
154 Aspey, Clinton RMaryland Tavern Cricket Club1500000
155 Kelly, LachlanWarners Bay Cricket Club200000
156 Woodman, Benjamin JWarners Bay Cricket Club700000
157 Riorden, Christopher MWarners Bay Cricket Club100000
158 Kelly, Andrew JWarners Bay Cricket Club100000
159 Wrightson, EdwardMaryland Tavern Cricket Club800000
160 Hillery, IsascMerewether Cricket Club100000
161 Walsh, Paul AMerewether Cricket Club300001
162 mcguigan, lyleMerewether Cricket Club500000
163 Hutley, DanielMaryland Tavern Cricket Club1300000
164 Plowman, BenjaminMaryland Tavern Cricket Club000000
165 Terry, LiamThe Journeymen Cricket Club100000
166 harding, james aThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club300000
167 Wilson, Craig AMaryland Tavern Cricket Club600000
168 Walker, AdamMerewether Cricket Club100000
169 McEvoy, Michael JWarners Bay Cricket Club200000
170 McCormack, Boyd AWarners Bay Cricket Club100000
171 SAUNDERS, DAMIEN PMerewether Cricket Club200000
172 Poretti, Jacob LMaryland Tavern Cricket Club1100000
173 Power, JoshuaRedhead Cricket Club200000
174 Wood, NickThe Journeymen Cricket Club200000
175 Casey, MitchellThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club000000
176 Lingabala, VibushnaMerewether Cricket Club100000
177 Hall, JustinMaryland Tavern Cricket Club1200001
178 Denbesten, Cameron JMerewether Cricket Club100000
179 Millard, Nathan JMerewether Cricket Club000000
180 Miller, Scott AMaryland Tavern Cricket Club1400000
181 Sheahan, AndrewThe Journeymen Cricket Club100000
182 Bhardwaj, GauravWarners Bay Cricket Club100000
183 Waters, Brad AMaryland Tavern Cricket Club000000
184 asvestas, peterThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club200000
185 Crean, BenjaminThe Journeymen Cricket Club300000
186 Hogan, Gerard JWarners Bay Cricket Club100000
187 Johnston, Adam MTech College Cricket Club100000
188 Coates, HughMaryland Tavern Cricket Club200000
189 Sridhar, NikilMaryland Tavern Cricket Club300000
190 Bennett, Joshua NMaryland Tavern Cricket Club200000
191 mcpherson, jack rThe Cricketers Arms Hotel Cricket Club500000
192 PAVY, ScottMaryland Tavern Cricket Club100000
193 DROSD, AnthonyMaryland Tavern Cricket Club100000
194 Jackson, JohnRedhead Cricket Club300000
195 Connors, MacauleyMaryland Tavern Cricket Club000000
196 Hearne, Mitchell WWarners Bay Cricket Club100000
197 Cavie, GaryMaryland Tavern Cricket Club100000
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.